I’m back.

I have been out of commission recently due to an emergency medical issue.  I am back and will return to my normal posting schedule soon.  Thank you all for following, subscribing, and liking my content.

Will be in touch soon.


Doing the Student Loan Shuffle

Like a good percentage of the “educated” populace in America, I have been dealing with student loan debt.  As a matter of fact, it is mine and my wife’s only debt.

Even though it is our only debt, it sucks.  We hate it and it does dictate what we can and cannot do sometimes.  I would rather take that money that I shell out every month to the assholes at Nelnet and invest it (or every now and then just do something fun with it).

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Why I’m done with James Altucher…for now.

I must first say that I am sorry for the delay in posting recently as I have had non-stop Court before the holidays. I am still planning on posting a couple of times per week so please bear with me.  Now, to the matter at hand.

Let me start off by saying that this is not a post to dump on James Altucher.  I  have followed James over the past few years and his book “Choose Yourself” is one of my favorite books that I reread every year.

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