Do More Than Not.

What does that even mean?  Do more than not?  It is something that I have coined in the attempt to create good habits and to cease bad habits.  All the phrase means is to do something that you want to do, more than you don’t do it.  Please forgive me for sounding like a moron but bear with me.

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Don’t Be a Brown.

Die-hard Fans

Is it some cosmic joke that the worst team in the league with the worst history, at least this side of the Super-Bowl era, is a synonym for a crack pickle? In other words a turd?

This team is the epitome of dysfunction.  Despite individual talent at many positions, the Cleveland Browns always seem to fall at the bottom of the AFC North, the AFC as a whole, and generally the NFL period.  It doesn’t matter what players and/or coaches visit this city (I say visit because continuity in Cleveland is more of a joke than their win/loss record) the records stay consistently bad.

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The Cost of Divorce


Being an attorney, especially one with a large domestic/family law client base such as mine, I have been privy to countless divorces, custody battles, and property divisions.  It is an unfortunate truth that many marriages end in divorce or some sort of prolonged separation.  The devastating wake that is left after a domestic case can wreak havoc on the parties, their finances, and most importantly, their children.  While it is not my intention to depress you, I feel that it is important that this topic be discussed as hordes of people make costly mistakes and it is my hope to shine a light on these mistakes to hopefully help navigate the uncertain waters of divorce and separation.  Bear in mind that laws are state specific and what I am sharing with you here is basic advice and in no way show be construed as creating a attorney/client relationship with me.  I advise that if you have questions to contact an attorney in your area.

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Life is Negan

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Negan.  One of the most hated, and oddly, loved antagonists of The Walking Dead.  His impact on those around him, particularly Rick Grimes & Co. makes a statement of intimidation, control, brutality, sometimes empathy, and a twisted sense of morality.  His quirky style makes him likeable yet he can turn into a dominating mad man wielding the love of his life–his lawgiver, “Lucille.”

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